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We discovered WELCOME VILLAGE and were delighted with this meeting! Our newcomers were able to quickly find accommodation that suited them and get all the help they needed administratively, all with professionalism and responsiveness. These services are essential for our employees for a good integration upon their arrival, which has been done. We will call WELCOME VILLAGE again without hesitation.

Florence P.



They trust us ...

“Welcome Village understood my requests very well and accompanied me in an efficient and professional manner in my search for an apartment. I am very happy with the apartment they helped me find. Sound advice and real time saving when settling in Toulouse ”

Aurélien F.


“I firmly believe that WELCOME VILLAGE was a lifeline for my relocation to France from abroad during the pandemic. My advisor Camille was extremely caring, responsive and acted quickly considering all of my requests, and went out of her way to help me in all aspects (as I do not speak French), including finding a good property, helping with paperwork, setting up a bank account, utilities and all. I feel that without their help, their service and their speed, I would not have been able to move peacefully and get everything settled during this pandemic. I cannot express more my appreciation and gratitude for the services. ”

 Soumyadeb. C 


The mobility of your talents

Our mission: to attract and integrate the skilled and

boost your business performance

ils nous font confiance

Nos partenaires

Attract the best talent

Ahead of recruitment, promote the support offered to your new talents by meeting their best expectations and remove the obstacles linked to geographic mobility.

What Welcome Village can do for you

Welcome Village intervenes as an expert in support for installation and integration. Our role in this phase: to inform, reassure and offer the most attractive package in order to attract the best.


We offer videoconferencing information sessions by our bilingual experts.

 Explain our services

Promote the support offered by you and clearly define the outlines of the mission step by step until the day the keys are handed over.

Minimize barriers

 Explain housing in France, the real estate rental market, the education system, etc.


The family is taken care of by a consultant in the field. Visit of the city, types of housing, way of life, schools, markets, etc.

Your talent's needs

  • Optimized support and welcome

  • Anticipate a new way of life

  • Save time and energy

Your recruiter's challenges

  • Offer an attractive & competitive package

  • Answer questions from your recruits

  • Give visibility: inform and reassure

Our solutions

We offer solutions tailored to your needs and those of your candidates on all issues related to geographic mobility, whether national or international.

We build our support with you and put all our expertise at the service of your talents.

Welcome Village supports companies in all phases of the mobility process, from the first exchanges with talent, until their full integration into its new environment.


Welcome Village

In the global race for talent, companies must adapt to attract the best candidates ...

Beyond pure remuneration and employment conditions, talents are now more sensitive than ever to receive the conditions and the support offered to them

... and offer precise solutions at each stage of their mobility and their installation in this new life.

Integrate for successful mobility

So that your talent feels good in its new living environment.

The 2 main difficulties in expatriation are:

28% languages barriers

23% company culture

80% of HR managers

believe that recruitment and retention difficulties are a brake on their growth

supported consider that these services were decisive in their choice of mobility.

100% of salaries

Install your talents and their family

A change in life is a disruption for the whole family. Once recruited, we support talents and their families in all stages of their installation.

  • Understand your host city

  • Remote preparation for mobility

  • Successful settlement and integration of the family

Your talent´s needs

Your recruiter's challenges

  • A serene take-over

  • Optimization of mobility costs

  • Optimized employee welcome

School search 

The education of children is a difficult factor to manage and can cause mobility failure. From the first contact:  study of needs, presentation of the French system (public and private schools, allophone children), inventory of establishments, selection.


Finding accommodation

We take care of the administrative management of the file


1-Immediate support for the employee by the dedicated consultant: advice, validation of criteria and schedule of visits.

2-Assembly of the rental file and management of blocking points (guarantor, first job, necessary documents, etc.).

3-Selection of housing on the entire network (owners, real estate agencies, developers).

4-Support in housing visits.

5-Assistance for the lease and inventory (advice and translation).

6- For the commissioning of the accommodation.

Welcome Village fully supports the installation of your talents so that distance is no longer an obstacle, we offer personalized and human support:

Opening the bank account

Property insurance

What Welcome Village can do for you

Welcome Village offers you a catalog of workshops, training and personalized coaching sessions in video or face to face:

Tailor-made French as a Foreign Language (FLE) courses

  so that the language is no longer a barrier.

  Support for the spouse in their search for employment    tailor-made coaching sessions to help spouses reinvent their careers and make expatriation a period of development. 

Intercultural support 

to facilitate integration into a new cultural environment, how to live and work in France. To know how to communicate, to be understood according to the codes of a different culture.

 The French tax system and its reporting obligations

What Welcome Village can do for you

  • For the whole family to learn the language.

  • Support the spouse.

  • Integrate socially.

Your talent's needs

Your recruiter's challenges

  • Secure recruitment and perpetuate the relationship.

  • Create a bond of trust and proximity.

  • Retain the employee for successful mobility.

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